Update: You can now pick up Suaoki’s S200 for just $184.03 when promo code FZ2RHZYB and the on-page $12 coupon are applied. 

No stranger to portable power and life off the grid with solar panels, the Suaoki’s S200 power station offers a lot of features for just $230. The variety of input cables and options for output make the S200 extraordinarily versatile, and it comes in a uniquely designed package compared to most power stations of this capacity. Check out the video below.

Out of the box, the S200 has a lot of accessories to work with a wide variety of power sources. It comes with a standard plug for wall outlets, an MC4 cable to connect to solar panels, a cigarette lighter connector, DC connector cable, and a USB Type-C cable. Suaoki gives a beautiful arrangement of connections.

In my opinion, one of the unique things about the S200 is its design. It weighs 5.9lbs and measures 7.6 inches deep by 2.5 inches wide and 10 inches tall. It looks solidly built all around, and instead of the more blocky design that most portable power stations use, the S200 has a tall and slender design. I think that this makes it pack into a space even more comfortable. The top handle has a nice texture to help avoid slipping.

On the front of the power station is an LCD display, all of the on / off buttons, 5V 2.4A USB output, QC3.0 USB type A output, DC 12V/10A output, and USB Type-C PD output. On the back, we have the DV 14-40V input and AC 110V output. The variety of power input and outputs provided by the S200 is impressive for the price point.

To turn on any of the power outputs, the button must be held for a couple of seconds. I’d be okay with it just turning on with the press of a button, but it’s not that big of an inconvenience. The LCD screen displays input watts, DC pull, and AC pull.

One thing that I wish was different though is the battery capacity display. It’s represented with an icon on the S200, but I would prefer a percentage. With something that’s meant to charge devices multiple times, I would rather have a more accurate reading of how much juice is left in the tank.

With 200Wh of 54,000mAh, the S200 can keep a lot of devices powered while off-the-grid. Suaoki claims that it can charge a MacBook Air 2.5 times, an iPhone X 17+ times, GoPro 6 25+ times or power a mini cooler at (40W) for at least 3.5 hours.

We’ve already covered a few other power stations this year – one of which being the Amazon choice for portable power station and the best seller in outdoor generators – the Jackery Explorer 240. The Jackery is excellent, but it is a little pricer at $250 and doesn’t have USB Type-C output for newer devices.

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Anker also has a feature-packed and stylish power station in the Powerhouse 200. The Powerhouse also keeps a small profile with its soft handle on top that eliminates the need for excessive plastic on top to carry the power station. This compact design comes with a $300 price tag.

Overall, I’m a big fan of the Suaoki S200. I like the unique design and the full set of features make it easy to pack along no matter what I’m doing. It’s easy to throw in the back of a car when headed out for camping or a video shoot. It has become a no-brainer to take with me any time I am going to fly my Mavic Pro.

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